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Disaster & Emergency Health (DEH) Academy is established to enhance Iran’s health system capacity in terms of qualified human resources and evidence-based decision making in emergencies and disasters' mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.  


Established in 2006, DEH Academy has been shaped based on a collaboration between Department of Disaster & Emergency Health at the I.R.Iran's National Institute of Health Research and Department of Disaster Public Health at the School of Public Health of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. DEH Academy is the main partner of Ministry of Health & Medical Education (MOH&ME) on disaster & emergency health education and research.

DEH Academy promotes a proactive approach of health system to disaster risk reduction at general population and health facilities and resources. It facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration among different fields of science and practice. DEH Academy has a country-wide network of faculty and staff with diverse backgrounds that includes epidemiology, emergency medicine, environmental health, nutrition, reproductive health, mental health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, engineering, geophysical and hydrometeorological sciences, sociology and health services.

The focus of DEH Academy's research programs are on disaster metrics and epidemiology, emergency management, community-based disaster risk management, injury epidemiology, integration of disaster risk management to primary health care and disaster risk assessment in hospitals and primary health care centers.

It has an extensive collaboration with national and international organizations. Disaster & Emergency Management Center of MOH&ME and National Disaster Management Organization are the main partners at the country level and WHO, UNISDR, UNDP and UNHCR are the UN agencies that DEH Academy collaborates with them on research and education.

In terms of degree-based education, as the first time in the country, the academy offers MPH with disaster concentration since 2006 and PhD in disaster & emergency health since 2011.

DEH Academy is a main contributor in the Disaster Supercourse based in a WHO collaborative center in University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has provided just-in-time education at the time of major disasters like south-Asia tsunami, Hurricane Karina and Haiti earthquake. The academy has ongoing joint programs with Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and Boston University.    

PhD Program: Health in Disasters & Emergencies
Refugee Health Care
Public Education
  Latest News  
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